Human and Aliens face to face in this amazing 3D game


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Tremulous is a fantastic multiplayer action game, which will get you into a war between humans and aliens. Maybe the topic is not new, but the graphics and its fast movements and action will keep your fingers attached to your keyboard and mouse.

Do you like shooters? Do you like Real Time Strategy? Mix both two genres and you’ll have Tremulous.

Attending to that, when playing tremulous, you will not have to fire as if you were crazy, but you will have to manage your arsenal and take care with your movements because the result of the battle will have to do a lot with it.

Create structures to protect yourself, admin your armory, and give death to your enemies. This battle is going to be hard, but you can do it.

Choose your band, humans or aliens, the objectives are different deppending on the band you are and both two are really amazing.

In addition, it is free. What are you waiting for playing it?
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